Privacy & Access

Our Apathy Toward Privacy Will Destroy Us | Wilson

Privacy is a large concern for online users everywhere. As Wilson says, most are either concerned or feel that there is no true security. The suggestion is made that designers design with security in mind. This is a valid point, but also unique since I typically associate security concerns with programmers and developers, not a design side problem. This is just another indicator of a world that is becoming much more collaborative and intertwined.

This can be done by building smart devices that connect on LAN/WLAN vs WAN networks. Also iconography can and has been used to promote better understanding of what security can do, but why do we open our devices to outside connections? Can we benefit from local connections where we update with USB drives much like a bios? For apps simply limiting connection times and data taken can make a huge difference.


The Deep Dark Web | Lamo

The deep dark web is an interesting idea indeed. I had heard of it before, but this article really put it into perspective. While many hackers and illicit activities reside there, it is more about heavily encrypted sites and hidden browsing. Almost reminiscent of slinking around back alleys to unknown places.

The main association pertains to illegal activities, but we can take this idea of complete anonymity to the regular web. What would change in the world if everything we did online remained hidden and our identities unknown? Can positive situations exist or would we fall into cruel and inconsiderate interactions with no fear of repercussion.