Camouflaging Image Recognition

As image recognition becomes a part of our everyday lives, how are we able to promote privacy? Marc Bain from the QUARTZ wrote an article Titled: New “camouflage” seeks to make you unrecognizable to facial-recognition technology. As I read this article, my concerns with privacy became more abundant as he talks about cities in London becoming heavily monitored. Although we live in the US, image recognition is heavily being used.

But what if there were a way we could protect our data through a camouflage system? This article expands upon Adam Harvey, a Berlin-based artist, created a camouflage fabric pattern that will allow the person wearing it, to become unrecognizable to computer’s. This fabric is meant to distract the wearer’s face while creating an inaccurate match. HyperFace textile attempts to obscure your face to a camera. Although this bright pattern might make you stand out to the human eye, you might become unrecognizable to the computer’s.