Accessibility and Average (AAA)

  1. 99% Invisible: On Average (Podcast)
  2. The White Cane as Technology  


Society is a measured average that has been calculated by scientists. Averages such as test scores, credit scores, and height for humans. These averages are a calculation that has been used on everything for years. It is how we operate and figure out if we want to even live in a certain area or not. This is how we all maneuver through time, and it shapes our life.

Designing new products for people with visual impairments seems like a waste of time for the actual users. Tech designers should think about those impairments to be flexible and diverse enough for the actual user. People would like to keep the traditional tools such as a white cane rather than Bluetooth shoes because of the lack of controllability. 

Can averages shape your mindset? 

Can new design tools destroy traditional tools causing a shift in daily routines or help citizens? Do most designers consider everyone when developing products? 



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