The Timeline

As I move through the timeline, I can see the end of the line. The end of the line reminds me of the sunshine on the coastline with a drink on my mind. As I come to the end of my journey design remains on the baseline. Thinking back to all the people I’ve met I cannot get the word futurespective and process off my back. Those two words stick to me like glue similar to my mother telling me to be in before curfew.

As I move through the timeline the faculty and staff are extraordinary teaching me to think beyond what can be imagined in my mind. Think and to document will forever be the “thing” that makes me sing.

As I move through the timeline I will quote my professors one day. The unique choice of words that do not go unheard. The metaphor of going into the rabbit hole as a whole. The stories that get me through the day that takes me back to the bay.

As I move through the timeline this may be the end or a new beginning. Taking things day by day while trying to figure out this essay. Fin for now continuing to rub my chin while figuring out projects for the weekend.