Einstein’s theory of relativity

Yes, I am writing a post about Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. How is this related to design? I am not a scientist or mathematician, but I enjoy math and I find that this is theory interesting in the context of what we do. Wherever we live or exist in the present moment, our entire design process is relative: deadlines, spent time on work, quality, organization, ideas, implementation, feedback. Our design process here in the Master of Graphic Design program would not be the same anywhere else or with anyone else besides us. We are the electrons circling the nucleus of the College of Design bubble. Our collective kinetic energy is dependent on each individual’s unique composition and energy consisting of experiences, skills, personalities, values, interests, and much more. Individuals also include professors, students we do not work with, and even our surroundings. We are influenced by everything and everyone. This means that every statement, idea, piece of work, or rule we make in this graduate program with our specific set of people in this specific environment could not form if we chose a path leading elsewhere in our careers. Just something I have been thinking about lately. This post would not exist if I wasn’t here.