This is definitely a game

I’ve been really into playing choose your own adventure games lately. You know, those games that let you create a character and make choices for them in a story. I’m currently playing as a noble lady competing to marry a king. It’s slightly embarrassing, but mostly just a fun, quirky thing to do.

At first, I thought that the appeal of the games were the unlimited choices. There’s something about being able to be whoever you want, whenever you want and make decisions without any “real” consequences.

But, I think I’m more obsessed with the fact that I can finally interact with a story in a way that I’ve always wanted. When I was younger, I’d read through my favorite books so fast. Whenever I finished a book, I would grab my journal and rewrite the story or create my own sequel.

Now, once I finish a story, I can go back and see what would’ve happened if I made different choices. I can live with the story for a little longer and I love that.

The only thing is, I find myself asking whether I’m playing a book, or reading a game.

I still haven’t decided.