Getting Briefed

We all hit that point where creative ideas can run kind of dry and we may or may not need someone to bounce ideas off of. Though… people can’t always be available, and that’s where generators come in!

A while ago I came across this neat little resource that creates design briefs based on the criteria you pick.

This minimal little website provides a great source for projects and creative briefs of your own along with providing inspiration. This website can be a host for inspiring your own ideas or even working as a general project starter-kit.


You have four categories to pick from for both types of design and company. For design, you can pick from: brand, logo, illustration, or packaging. For themed companies, you can pick from tech, food, store, or entertainment.

After selecting your picks you will be provided with a range of different things depending on the type of design you chose.

It’s a neat little resource and I’ve used it to determine self-guidelines for projects or ideas of which to build my own projects (ex. taking a randomly generated job description and using it as a strict rule for my own projects in order to stay on topic).

Regardless, it’s an interesting resource and I feel as though more should know about it! Here’s the link: