Achieving Peace in VR

Amidst the bustle that is this semester, I found some time for myself to review a VR game – a task that we have to do weekly for Derek’s MGD Studio class. This week has been hectic, so I’ve picked up another relaxing game called “Bait!”

In it, you fish and fish and…fish, which doesn’t fall under the category of “The Most Invigorating VR Games in 2018,” but bear with me, while I explain its quirks.

To save the sinking aquarium that you work in, you’re invited to Bait Island to catch elusive fish. The island hosts 4 different environments for you to catch fish in. One is your typical paradise, with warm sunshine, colorful parrots and soothing sounds. Another is in the middle of a fetid swamp. Flies buzzing, shady cabin nearby, the whole 9 yards.

The gameplay is hassle-free. Unlike real life, you’re not stuck waiting hours for potential fish. Everything is simple: point where you wish to fish and release. Within seconds, fish will spring towards your hook. Once it bites, you simply alternate pressing and releasing the Oculus Go controller button until you’ve reeled it in.

There’s nothing fussy about the game, and when you earn new reels or rods, they’re automatically equipped for your next usage.

All-in-all, it lends itself to a relaxing experience – perfect for a stressful day.