Invasion of Privacy

(1) Rose Eveleth, “Dollars for Data,” Flash Forward (podcast) 

Data is never protected; it has no sort of privacy here. Companies greed in taking this data and not giving us a piece of the profit is a selfish thing. How can we take control of our own data and feel protected having some sort of privacy? We need some sort of justice for our privacy in terms of data ownership. Where do things head from here ? What does the future hold from the data that is constantly taken from us ? A good point made in this podcast was “I am talking about my data here not a kidney” companies are out here using my personal data for free and I have no say so about it or get any profit. Who would have thought there would be injustice for data.

Quotes from podcast 

“Data Album- Taylor Swift can’t do/use her original sound because it is owned by the label. She would have to pay them to use her previous songs. She left her label in 2019.” 

“Universal Income for data” 

“Owning data like cars” 


(2) Sarah Gold, “Trust and Digital Rights in Learned Systems, “PAIR UX Symposium 2018.” 

We have a big part in shaping the digital world these services we utilize should respect our rights. We work with organizations we should trust but at the same time they are sneaking behind our backs collecting things we least expect. Understanding our rights within these learned systems goes to a point about terms of service. Terms of service is an invasion of privacy that we don’t even pay attention to on a daily basis. These terms should be more legible and easier to understand for users. This leads into my question of terms of service/conditions designed the way it is so people don’t read it? Is it possible to design better terms of service for future usage and understanding of privacy/data?

Quotes from video

“Ownership and control in learned systems” 

“What part of a learned system and its platform can be of the market? If there’s not enough transparency, how can society course correct?” 

“Organizations represent us-Collective actions” 

“Testing and rights in learned systems” 

“Should certain data be given to a service?” 

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