The Off Switch

  1. Kai-Fu Lee: How AI can Save our Humanity 
  2. Nick Bostrom: What Happens When our Computers Get Smarter Than We Are? 
  3. Interesting quotes from Murray Shanahan, “Heaven or Hell,” The Technological Singularity (Cambridge: MIT, 2015).


The way Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going it will take over jobs eliminating the need for human workers. Instead it should change and impact mankind and coexist with humans. AI has gotten so far in our lives that we don’t know when to turn off the switch. Advanced things such as predicting your next move and driving your car while you sit back and relax. These AI superpowers can either destroy or help our lives if we don’t figure out a way to limit it. Moving forward is it possible for AI to work with us rather than eliminating our source of income? We need more people rather than AI for the labor of love into our careers. Showing compassion, love, and  empathy that AI does not show. 

Achieving human-level machine intelligence is closer than we think. Are all these things necessary to move forward with life? AI to solve mathematical problems, giant computers, and learn board game movements. Will AI be on our side if we program it to be? Or will it one day become so powerful that we no longer have control over it? In 2040 or 2050 is how close we are to achieving this human-level of machine intelligence which may be worth wild to some and scary to some. This will someday become a wicked problem that we will no longer be able to control unless we turn off the switch to advancement. 

Interesting quotes from Murray Shanahan, “Heaven or Hell,” The Technological Singularity (Cambridge: MIT, 2015).

“Not only human-level AI is theoretically possible but also that it might one day be created.” 

“Human level AI is somewhat different because we can imagine a machine with a high level of general intelligence that doesn’t feel anything that lacks the capacity to suffer.”

“We have engendered a new form of consciousness with a level of intelligence equal to our own.” 

“If we create a form of human-level AI that is considered to be conscious and therefore worthy of rights and responsibilities, then many of our most important institutions-financial, legal, political-will have to be overhauled for better or worse.”

“Future of AI-same right as a human?” 

“Why not build an AI that doesn’t even want to act on the world, because it simply answers questions.” 

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