3D Printing Filament Guideline

NCSU College of Design;
3D Printing Filament Guideline

Pricing from the NCSU Design IT Lab is available online if you are going to use the Dimension, Formlabs or Mojo printers instead of providing a roll or if you want to use what we have on hand; this has been an option made available for graduate students, students registered in sponsored studio/projects and students doing independent-study around 3D printing technology/manufacturing within the College of Design.
Bring us your .stl/.obj file on a thumbdrive or email it to us and we’ll analyzze the .STL file using a variety of software (Nettfab Pro/Simplify3D) and analyze the slicing setup to let you know how much material it will use and how long it will take to print…
  • Ideally Bulk roll in PLA or PLA+, PETG; only 1.75 mm Diameter
  • NO 2.85mm or 3mm Diameter Filament
  • NO ABS; we no longer support or print using ABS filament
  • NO NinjaFlex, it’s way to flexible and too much trouble – prone to filament jams
Netfabb may be available on the primary lab machines; it is also available registered students via Autodesk – if you are comfortable with analyzing your .STL model by yourself.  There is an Unofficial Netfabb Basic version that is still available for use via GitHub.  Currently, Netfabb Online Service has been rolled into Fusion 360: https://service.netfabb.com/
We primarily print using PLA/PETG on our FFF/FDM printers
We can utilize solid colors and most translucent/clear colors without too much issue – Translucent PLA on the Fusion3 is tricky since it is a bit more brittle it is prone to snapping during feed and extractions while printing.  Dual color printing is somewhat available using the Fusion F306 printer but there are some extra steps on setup and front-end design to get simultaneous dual colors within a single model correctly. 
We have run some ‘exotic’ filament with varied success: 
> Bamboo, brass/gold 
 – these tend to be more expensive and are usually sold in 500g rolls.
>  Semiflex (flexible) and MakeShaper TPU
 – NO NinjaFlex, it’s way to flexible and too much trouble – prone to filament jams
> Nylon/Carbon; some extra steps involved but it’s possible, see the Fusion3 website for qualified list of materials available (PDF) for use with the printer
Looking online, you can find prices for bulk roll filament between $20-40 for a 700g – 1kg roll.  Amazon has student subscription Prime plan available w/2 day shipping…
(not an actual endorsement)

Primarily order filament from these tested manufacturers;
  • AtomicFilament
  • Dikale
  • Makerbot
  • Inland
  • Hatchbox
  • Sainsmart
  • 3D Solutech
  • GP3D PLA

A more detailed listing of recommended material type is also available for Fusion3 printinghttps://www.fusion3design.com/3d_printer_filament/

3D Printing Resources on Campus

Hunt Library and DH Hill both have some form of Makerspace; they primarily support 3mm filament and have those rolls on sale for purchase…  NCSU Engineering has “The Garage” that is available for student use as well and they have a mix of 3D printing resources that might include 1.75mm filament. The NCSU Craft Center also has some 3D printing resources available to registered students.

NCSU DH Hill Library Makerspace
2 Broughton Drive
Campus Box 7111
Raleigh, NC 27695-7111
(919) 515-3364

Building: D. H. Hill Jr.
Library Floor: First Floor, Tower

Contact Hill Makerspace for a consultation
about 3D printing, electronics, and more.

NC State Entrepreneurship Garage
1017 Main Campus Drive – Partners I, Suite 1650
NCSU Centennial Campus
Raleigh, NC 27606

The NC State Entrepreneurship Garage is a venture creation and prototyping space designed for student entrepreneurs. It serves as a hub for students across campus to come together and explore their entrepreneurial ideas and interests. In partnership with HQ Centennial, students call the Garage home to work on challenges alongside non-university businesses.

Garage resources include:

For questions related to the Garage, contact:

NCSU Crafts Center
Thompson Hall
210 Jensen Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606

The Crafts Center’s mission is to provide hands-on, immersive, life-long learning skills to NC State students, faculty and staff, affiliates, alumni and the general public to support research, enhance critical thinking through creativity, and strengthen personal and professional development.

The Crafts Center is a place where creative skill and self-expression are fostered through the making and sharing of art and craft. With the intent of enhancing the quality of life, we reach out through academic collaboration, support for student life and through partnerships with other arts organizations.

Our studios support the disciplines of woodworking, pottery, photography, fiber arts, lapidary, glass, jewelry, art on paper and more.

NCSU Crafts Center